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E-commerce experience and the challenges to be facedBY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
E-commerce is the buying and selling of good or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales. It's also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce.
How to be a company that employees want to work for?BY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
Being the type of company that employees want to work for is something necessary.
Digital age and user experience: what is changing in the relationship between companies and consumers?BY Yasmin Falconi
Digital age and user experience: what is changing in the relationship between companies and consumers?
The Best Virtual Conferences and Events to Kick Off 2021BY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
One of the best options to always keep specializing in your area is conferences and events. Networking with people who share the same interests as you can help you expand your horizons and gain even more knowledge.
How 5G will transform society in the next 3 yearsBY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
O 5G é a próxima geração de rede de internet móvel e transmissão de dados. Estamos falando da evolução do 4G, mas agora com mais velocidade para baixar e enviar arquivos, conexões mais estáveis, redução no tempo de resposta e, o maior diferencial dessa nova evolução será as aplicações que irão revolucionar a sociedade, como objetos inteligentes conectados e cidades inteligentes.
What is a Hybrid Team? Here's everything you need to knowBY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
As demandas de um mundo mais tecnológico onde a presença virtual é tão importante quanto o cenário presencial, vieram de modo inesperado com a pandemia. Com isso, o propósito de inovação nas gestões das empresas se tornou ainda mais importante. Gerir uma empresa de modo offline e online é a nova realidade que vivemos.
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Be a better developerBY Rodrigo Wippel
Nowadays, technology is part of our lives, and the time has passed when smartphones and personal computers are new. No matter the age group, most people in the world have some electronic device. And we increasingly depend on them. With the rapid advance and growing number of devices that need software to work, the number of programmers also grows. They are everywhere. How to keep up or raise your level in a continually expanding market with so many good professionals?
How mental health impacts remote (and face-to-face) workBY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
This article is a summary of a very interesting DClub session that we conducted at ClubHouse in February 2021. Mental health is a constant topic at the Divisio, whether on social media, where we can interact with colleagues or internally, where we discuss and experiment with new ways to organize, work, manage and have fun while we produce quality work.
4 exorbitant costs of bad hiring developersBY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
A poorly executed hiring process will impact the company's mood and its finances. It's critical to identify the negative consequences of that and find reliable solutions to avoid stepping into that trap.
Where are the best software develeopers?BY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
Não estou falando em números totais, porque se levarmos em conta os números de profissionais que se formam todo ano no Brasil, teoricamente, deveríamos ser capazes que suprir grande parte da demanda do mercado de trabalho, mas estou me referindo à bons programadores.
How to create an action plan using the 5W2HBY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
If you or your team have been struggling to implement something new, today I'll show you how to create an efficient plan of action by making seven simple questions.
How to plan an MVP - Practical GuideBY Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo
When you think about MVP (minimum viable product) you need to think about something ridiculously simple, it is the first thing you can give to the first set of users you want to target to validate if you can deliver any value to them - at all. That's all an MVP is.
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